We created our website mynotaryclass.com with one objective in mind; create a GREAT course! We want to leave our students with the confidence they need to enter the Notary Industry. When I first received my Notary commission (license), I was still confused as to how to conduct a proper notarization, as are most Notaries that freshly enter the field. I found out I needed additional training, not taught by the course I had taken, and unfortunately not taught by many courses at all. In my course we cover all areas of the Notary profession, so that you feel secure and ready to notarize. Our course was actually written by the California Secretary of State, so be reassured that everything on your state exam will be covered by this class. However we also cover extra areas and topics in addition to your state issued 6 hour class. The state issued class is simply geared at helping you pass the state exam. Our additional training helps you understand how to notarize properly, what materials to take to your first signing, marketing, notary scenarios and much more. - Cristian Munguia.

Verify who we are. Look up our vendor license on the California Secretary of State's website. Our Vendor License is 606092, the course name is "Cristian Munguia" and the course is listed under the domain mynotaryclass.com

Please be sure to look us up under any county as our course is listed in every county in CA. The list displays all education vendors in a random order so be sure to look through all the pages until you find us.